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PlayStation Comic Store On PSP Is No Longer Updating

Posted by Leo on Thursday, July 07 @ 20:45:24 CEST to PSP News

PSP is great sources of entertainment not only for kids but adults equally enjoy it. Like many other features, Comic store on PSP is the great collection of comics. According to an estimate, more than 3900 comics are collected in this store and some of them are free as Sony charges no fee on their use. The idea of this store was generated few years back and it is working since 2009. Since then, a large number of PSP users are taking advantage of this store.

PlayStation Comic Store close

However, today official Europe PlayStation blog released sad news for comic users, saying that Digital Comic service is no longer updated by the authorities. As it comes from official sources, so we cannot call it a rumor and it’s suppose to be true.

Yaster said that no more updates would be coming to the PSP :

"This is going to be your last comic store update for PSP as the Digital Comics Team are now working on bringing the comic service to other Sony devices."

It is also in news that Sony is making another handheld console. They might be offering this comic store feature in that new device. But all these are just wild guesses; no one knows that which hardware is coming in the market and when they are planning to launch it. PSP users are disappointed with the news, but let’s hope that something better is on its way.
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