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Sony Details PlayStation Vita Online Experience

Posted by Leo on Thursday, July 28 @ 15:37:16 CEST to PS Vita News

Although the PSP was one of the best gaming portable devices, the users complained about the lack of online capabilities for this device. It seems like Sony have learned their lesson, and this is one of the priorities of the new PS Vita. Near is a revolutionary feature of the new device that allows different Vita and PS3 users to connect their devices, using a capability that resembles a LAN wireless network.

Sony Details PlayStation Vita Online Experience

Sony has revealed and explained more information on PlayStation Vita's online modes "Near" and "Party" social features.

"Near" will allow Vita users to find friends nearby, to send gifts, create parties and to fight in ad-hoc competitions. You will be able to see different details about those users, including the last five played games, and also a list of gifts they have for you. This feature is important for players, but also for game developers, as they will be able to assess the popularity of their games.

"Party" is a similar feature, but it will allow people from all over the world to create teams. The party can be the subject of a single game or a group of games, and the users will be able to communicate using voice chat. Those innovations are welcomed, and we are sure Vita will be the most important device in the years to come.
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