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Mysterious Character On Persona 4: The Golden Revealed

Posted by Leo on Wednesday, September 07 @ 12:13:33 CEST to PS Vita News

Besides being one of the most anticipated games for PS Vita, Persona 4: The Golden is also covered in mystery by the developer Altus. They have announced a new character for this game, but now we have a picture of it, and also a name.

It is a girl called Marie, and she will bring that plus of diversity requested by players.

Marie Character On Persona 4: The Golden

Besides Marie, the game will also have an improved engine, new animations and levels, and also better controls. Persona 4 was one of the most popular PS 2 games, and we are sure it will be a major hit for the Vita also.

A few screenshots below from Persona 4: The Golden and a first look at Marie on PS Vita.

PS Vita Persona 4: The Golden

PS Vita Persona 4: The Golden
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