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Sony: No Plans To Bring PS2 And PS3 Games to PS Vita

Posted by Leo on Tuesday, February 21 @ 11:06:03 CET to PS Vita News

With the release of a large amount of PS2 classics on the PSN store recently, many have speculated that Sony will think about making these downloads compatible with the PlayStation Vita. Just like the PSOne Classics on PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Bring PS2 And PS3 Games to PS Vita

Sadly, Sony has confirmed on the Q&A - PlayStation Blog that PSOne Classics will be available and compatible for the PS Vita, but there won't be any PS2 and PS3 titles. There might be a chance of having PS2 titles in the near future, but not at this point. Regarding the PS3 support - it is obviously not going to happen, because the PS3 firmware cannot be emulated on the PS Vita.

PS Vita’s specification could easily handle games of the PS2’s power, and making them compatible would expand PlayStation Store library and sales.
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