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God Eater Burst New Attacks, New Character, New Costumes and New Features

Posted by Leo on Monday, August 30 @ 13:40:39 CEST to PSP News

Namco God Eater Burst is an improved version of God Eater - which was released this past February in Japan. The game has improved the gameplay in all areas. Also, a new storyline, new weapons and new characters will be appeared in this game.

PSP God Eater Burst

Avatar Cards

One new feature is the “Avatar Card” system. Players can now be used for item exchange with your friends, get a more powerful character from them. It is a good way to cheats for beginner.

Game Character

 God Eater Burst New Character Ren

Ren is the new character and key character of the game to what is going to happens after the original storyline. Ren is so mysterious that creator isn’t even telling the character’s gender. It seems they fight together, but still not sure if Ren is an enemy or not.


God Eater Burst SubCharacter

Sub-Characters are who fight alongside with you during the single mod. Their attacked skills are needed to help you get passed the battles.


God Eater Burst New Costumes God Eater Burst New Costumes

New character costumes are also adding into the game that you probably don’t care. Each costume has a different hairstyle and clothing to customize. You can try different combinations on them.

Attack Changes and Adjustments

  • Air Guard

    God Eater Burst New Attack Air Guard

    It is a jump attack. This action allows players to attack back against counterattack from the enemies.

  • Step Cancel Guard

    God Eater Burst New Step Cancel Guard

    It is an effective step to avoid enemy fire power where you find yourself in trouble. Now you can use this ability to move and switch to guard mode whenever you need.

    New Category

    God Eater Burst New Category

    A new “Skill” category is only available in Burst Mode. This feature has the ability to significantly improve the player’s ability to perform a certain time of catching eating.

    Bullet Edit System

    God Eater Burst Bullet Edit System

    It allows you create your own bullets, setting such things as bullet type.

    New Weapons Screenshots

    PSP God Eater Burst Weapons screenshot PSP God Eater Burst Weapons screenshot
    PSP God Eater Burst Weapons screenshot PSP God Eater Burst Weapons screenshot

    God Eater Burst has scheduled the release date on October 28th.

    [via Famitsu]
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