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Would You Be Inclined Towards Selling Wii for Move?

Posted by Leo on Tuesday, September 21 @ 17:57:13 CEST to PS3 News

Initially, when the Nintendo Wii hit the gaming market, it took everyone by surprise. It gave a platform to friends and families for playing the game together. However, the technology used in the device had many drawbacks. Recently, with the release of Sony’s PlayStation Move, it is believed that Nintendo’s Wii has got a stiff competition. With far advanced technology than what is used in Wii, Move has taken the market by storm.

Nintendo Wii

PlayStation Move gives scope for 3-dimensional gaming, thus offering, more accuracy and precision. This is where Sony Move has an edge over Nintendo Wii. This is why it already has a considerable bucket of units sold. However, can you trade your Wii off for a Move?

PlayStation Move

Let us check out some of the features, which can help you in making this decision:

Getting the Tracking algorithm correct is the biggest challenge for motion controllers. This is where Wii was criticized, as its tracking system was considerably soft. It meant that a motion in any direction would allow the character to move, even if the user didn’t want it to. However, PlayStation Move has got the tracker close to perfect. This is mainly due to the presence of PlayStation Eye Camera. The Eye locks in on the glowing balls located on top of the device controllers. It has been designed in such a manner that not only the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ coordinates get tracked, but movement of the ball is considered as well. Thus, a near-exact location of the PlayStation Move in Space is determined. Again, only those images are collected, which are to be tracked and processed. Therefore, you get an almost perfect motion controller in your hand in the form of Sony PlayStation Move.

Again, there are a number of titles, which you can play on the PlayStation Move, already: one of them being the “Sports Champions”. This title includes Frisbee, Table Tennis, Archery, Bocce, Beach Volleyball and Gladiator Duel. Again, Kung Fu Rider is another title, which will find a lot of admirers.

It is quite obvious that PlayStation Move is far better in features and available at an affordable rate as well.

With all said, now it’s all on you, if you would like to stick to your Wii, or move forward and be a part of the revolution in motion gaming by trading it off for the new PlayStation Move.
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