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Sony: NGP is the True Reason for Cloud Saves

Posted by john_gilbert on Friday, April 15 @ 09:42:20 CEST to PS Vita News

You would be wrong to assume that Sony would provide saves for cloud games without having an ulterior motive. Saving your settings for cloud games may seem like a nice perk, but there honestly is not much of a point to it. Saving a game will create a file that is as large as the game’s installation file, usually a few megabytes.

Rumor has it that Sony is planning something very special for E3, with an offer that could make the NGP irresistible when it starts hitting markets. The NGP is packed with graphics power, giving it the ability to rival its big brother the PS3.

The NGP is able to pump out HD-grade visuals and is compatible with first rate games. However, many PS3 owners would not be willing to buy the same game twice just so it will work with the NGP. Sony has considered this problem, which is why they are offering cloud saves.

Imagine you were playing a PS3 game in your house a few hours before needing to commute or make a trip elsewhere. You can save your game, and it instantly puts the save on the cloud. Now, you can use your NGP to connect the cloud, whether you are on a train, bus, or coffee shop. Once you have connected, you can load the same title and continue from where you began. This is exactly the type of convenience that Sony is looking for in gaming.

It is still unknown whether gamers will be required to buy the same game twice. Sony is still considering a pricing structure idea that will be similar to Blu-Ray sales. This option would allow gamers to buy a single game or pay a few extra bucks to get an entire bundle that is compatible with different formats.
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