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PSN 'Service Outage'

Posted by pavichokche on Thursday, April 21 @ 10:46:22 CEST to PSP News

Like many of you have probably noticed, PSN is down. Both PSP and PS3 users are currently not able to access the PSN store or play any of their games online. However, the Netflix service for PS3s is reported to be working normally.

There is no word from Sony what the causes of this inconvenience are, or when they will get PSN up and running again. They did, however, make an announcement regarding the situation. Said announcement was rather brief and can be found here.

There are many things that could have caused things, and we cannot rule out Anynomous' involvement as one of them. In the past month they have made DDOS attacks on Sony's various sites, and also managed to slow down PSN. They seized those attacks, however, because the public was not pleased with the slowdown of PSN.

Whatever the case is, we should know soon enough.
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