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Sony AR System for PSP2/NGP Revealed

Posted by john_gilbert on Thursday, May 19 @ 21:27:06 CEST to PS Vita News

Sony experimented with AR technology on the PS2 with the Eyetoy. When the PSP came out, they started using it in a big way on the portable console and also with the PS3 via the PS Eye.

Sony AR System NGP

Now, Sony is taking a giant step forward by using the markerless system. This technology can be used as a natural marker because it uses any flat object or surface in its environment as a real-time marker. The video example by Sony shows object recognition and tracking that allows the device to be used on any flat surface.

To create real-life markers, you do not need a proprietary marker. For example, both the PSP and 3DS have been programmed to accept a particular card. Without this card, you will not be able to have AR. Even motion tracking technology used in movies requires blue or green markers, but this technology will track even when there are no markers. This will be available on the PSP2/NGP and could very likely revolutionize real life/virtual gaming.

The AR technology mainly uses “active camera” mechanics. Passive cameras are also used to take photos of the environment to map the game. One possible feature would be a replay of the real-time environment, which is highly likely considering the significant storage and processing power on the NGP.

Sony recently showcased Near, an application that tracks personal information based on a person’s location. It will allow the user to pull up a map of their travels and check if there is anyone nearby also playing the NGP. Gamers will also be able to view which games are popular in that specific area. This application even allows you to purchase those popular games on the spot.

Check out the AR System Concept :

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