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PlayStation Store to Be Restored By the End of the Week

Posted by leo on Monday, May 30 @ 22:03:00 CEST to PSP News

Sony's effort to restore the PlayStation Network completely has been a tough struggle, but it sounds like the company is almost ready to be back to where they were before the security breach.

Sony Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment have announced today that PlayStation Store functionality should be back online by the end of the week. These features would include access to the PlayStation store including in-game stores, redemption of codes and vouchers for content, and Media Go functionality.

PlayStation Store to Be Restored

This news if of course good for publishers as consumers have been unable to purchase their content for more than a month. Sony is planning to roll out content missed during the outing in an unprecedented way. The company will make several updates per week in the weeks following the restoration to ensure that all the content makes it in a somewhat timely fashion. The date particular games and content will be restored will be based on both release date and popularity.

While this is great news for the company, it should be noted that this doesn't apply for all regions of the world. Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea will all have to wait before they gain access to the store. Japan has just received access to the basic PlayStation Network features two weeks after Europe and North America because of questions from the Japanese government on the dependability of the service. Sony has not given a specific time to expect the Store to be online in these regions.

The PlayStation Store's revival will also mark the time in which existing PlayStation Network members will be able to download free content as a part of the Welcome Back program. Sony is offering a selection of several PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable titles as well other benefits such as a free month of PlayStation Plus for those not a part of that program and sixty days added for those that are.

For now, Sony is expecting the store to be online by the end of the week, but the company has missed these deadlines before. After all, the original deadline for the store to be online was May 31st. Looking at the company's history, it will probably be Friday or Saturday until the Store is back up. In the meantime, enjoy playing Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat online and dream of free games like Infamous or LittleBigPlanet.
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